For those students that have completed our Fundamentals Course, and want to expand their skills. Advanced Pistol Application is a one day course that builds on the fundamentals. Pushing the student to apply their skills in more real world context. We focus on firearms manipulation, one handed, and support side shooting. We move on to environmental exploitation, and shooting in unorthodox, and broken positions. Using cover and shooting on the move. 

NOTE: Intuitive Defensive Shooting is a prerequisite for this course. 

Students will learn:

Balance of Speed and Precision as it relates to longer ranges

Shooting, malfunction clearing, and reloads, one handed, and support side

Working in a 360 degree environment
Broken and unorthodox shooting positions 
Use of cover, and environmental exploitation 
Shooting on the move 


eye and ear protection
mag pouch (or pockets)
sturdy belt

400-600 rounds ammo

Advanced Pistol Application