The Pistol Optics course is designed for those new to Red Dot Optics on a handgun. In this course students will become familiar with a red dot optic on a handgun.  With more and more people making the switch it is important to train specifically to the nuances of your gear. Adding a Red Dot to your handgun doesn't amgically make you better and in some cases it can even be a detriment to an otherwise good shooter. Understanding how to properly utilize your Red Dot in order to get the best performance is what this course is about. We step you through the changes that you need to make in your technique and training regimine so that you can push your limits and be a better shooter. 


Like our All Purpose Rifle Course, the Pistol Optics has the option to purchase the equipment! 

Please choose your package level when signing up!


Premium Package includes:

Handgun* w/ Lucid Optics Lil Mo Red Dot Optic mounted

Class Ammunition (9mm)***

1 Day Training 


Optics only Package includes:

Lucid Optics Lil Mo Red Dot Optic w/ mounting plate**

1 Day Training Course 



Class Only includes:

1 Day Pistol Optics Course 


*Handgun Selection is limited at this time, please contact us to discuss options 

** Slide milling and/or dovetail mounts can be arranged for additiona fees

*** Due to ammunition shortages Round counts will be subject to change. WyoTac will make every effort to include as much ammunition as possible up to 500 rounds for this class

Pistol Optics