Wyoming Tactical in cooperation with Full Spectrum Enterprises to become a one resource outlet for training, equipment and services related to firearms, self defense and personal preparedness. 

In addition to training, and equipment, Full Spectrum brings to the table custom Cerakoting, AR Rifle and AR Pistol manufacturing, and FFL transfer capabilities as well as certified gunsmithing. 

Wyoming Tactical is a training company that has focused on progressive self defense training based on biomechanics, neuroscience, and real world encounters to provide students with skills and tactics that work in the broadest sphere of circumstances. 

Jason Crotteau is the owner and lead instructor for Wyoming Tactical. WyoTac was launched officially in 2015 in order to bring more comprehensive firearms training to Wyoming. 


Credentials and Certifications include:

Pro Shooter for Lucid Optics 

Friends of the NRA Vice Chairman, Fremont County, Wyoming 

Friends of the NRA Volunteer, Natrona County, Wyoming 


NRA Instructor Number: 2201148112

NRA Certified Instructor: Basic Pistol

                                        Women on Target

                                        Refuse to be a Victim 

                                        Range Safety Officer 


USCCA Instructor Number: 1379009

USCCA Certified Instructor: Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals 

                                             Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 1

                                             Defensive Shooting Fundamentals Level 2 


I.C.E. Certified Instructor: Intuitive Defensive Shooting 


Wyoming Tactical Original Courses: Defensive Carbine

                                                          Advanced Defensive Pistol 

                                                          All Purpose Rifle 

          Precision Long Range Rifle

          Pistol Optics 


Trauma Aid Certified (Dark Angel Medical) 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019


Wyoming Tactical is Insured through Lockton Affinity, Underwritten by Lloyds London, copies of insurance are available by request. 


W-9 Also provided on request. 

Jesse Phillips is the owner and lead instructor for Full Spectrum Enterprises, (FSE). FSE was established in 2014 to provide combat related firearms training, quality equipment and Cerakote coatings. FSE holds a Class 7 FFL authorizing manufacturing and is pending a SOT for NFA items. FSE is a factory certified Cerakote Applicator. 


Credentials and Certifications:


20 years of service in the U.S. Army, Retired in 2020 at the rank of Sergeant First Class.

4 Combat deployments to Iraq including the invasion and occupation of Baghdad.

Crew member and Gunner, Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle, (BSFV)

Military Police Squad Leader / Team Leader

Platoon Sergeant

Company Operations Sergeant

Movement and Mobility Support Officer / Company Training NCO

Force Protection Watch Commander, 1st Infantry Division and Ft. Riley, Kansas

Physical Security Inspector, Department of Emergency Services, Fort Riley, Kansas

Military Working Dog handler

U.S. Army Recruiting Station Commander


Combat Lifesaver Certified 2010

Physical Security Inspector Certified 2014

Combatives Certified 2008

Military Working Dog Handler Course 2008

Army Instructor Certified 2009

Combat Application Course 2009

Warrior Leader Course 2004

Advanced Leadership Course (Squad Leader) 2010

Senior Leadership Course (Platoon Sergeant) 2014

U.S. Army Military Police School 2005

U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery School, Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle (BSFV) 2001

U.S. Army Recruiting School 2015

U.S. Army Station Commanders Course 2017


Copies of Enlisted Records Brief (ERB) and DD214 are available upon request. 



This following is an overview of services only. This is a quick view of our classes and a short description Fee structures to be quoted based on location, duration, and number of students. 


The following 3 courses are all devoted to handgun training. The only course with a prerequisite in the Advanced Pistol Application course, as it builds on the fundamentals taught in either the IDS course or the Pistol Optics Course.


Intuitive Defensive Shooting

Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting & Intuitive Skill Development

Combat Accuracy

Lateral Motion

The Balance of Speed & Precision

The Critical Incident Reload

Volume of Fire

Realistic Training for Multiple Target Engagement

Understanding the Body’s Natural Reactions during a Dynamic Critical Incident

The Skill Development Cycle

One Handed & Weak Handed Shooting

Non-Diagnostic Linear Malfunction Clearing

Shooting in Motion (When, How & Why)


Pistol Optics

Utilizing the points of instruction and performance from both Intuitive Defensive Shooting and Advanced Pistol Application we have developed a course specific to the Red Dot Optic on a handgun.

The Pistol Optics course is designed for those new to Red Dot Optics on a handgun. In this course students will become familiar with a red dot optic on a handgun.  With more and more people making the switch it is important to train specifically to the nuances of your gear. Adding a Red Dot to your handgun doesn't magically make you better and in some cases it can even be a detriment to an otherwise good shooter. Understanding how to properly utilize your Red Dot in order to get the best performance is what this course is about. We step you through the changes that you need to make in your technique and training regimine so that you can push your limits and be a better shooter. 


Advanced Pistol Application 

Balance of Speed and Precision as it relates to longer ranges

Shooting, malfunction clearing, and reloads, one handed, and support side

Working in a 360 degree environment

Broken and unorthodox shooting positions 

Use of cover, and environmental exploitation 

Shooting on the move 


The following courses are based on the AR-15 platform but are not limited to one particular rifle platform or caliber. The principles and the tactics that we teach are based more on motor movement and consistency rather than techniques for a specific platform. The All Purpose Rifle Course is a stand alone course as is the Defensive Rifle Application. We list them together for the purpose of this outline. The difference in the courses is that the All Purpose Rifle focuses more on the overall application and longer range marksmanship and positional shooting, where the Defensive Rifle Application is focused more on the inside of 100 yards faster pace defensive application. 


All Purpose Rifle / Defensive Rifle Application 


Proper Sight In


Positional Shooting


Transitions, Right to Left, and also Rifle to Handgun

Understanding the Difference between Skills and Application 

Balance of Speed and Precision 



Our Precision Rifle Course focuses on techniques and tactics used by military and law enforcement snipers as well as long range rifle competitors to get first round hits on targets out to, and beyond 1000 yards. We focus on the shooter / spotter relationship, communication and how to accurately range targets and read environmentals with minimum equipment. By focusing on the knowledge, we make the student less reliant on the gadgets. This means that you don’t need expensive equipment to accomplish your goals. 


Precision Rifle 

Shooting Accurately to 1000 yards and beyond

Ranging targets using either MIL or MOA reticle method

Shooter / Spotter Communication


Setting up a firing position

Observation Techniques

Target Indicators 

Camouflage and Concealment

Creating a Dope Chart 

Reading and interpreting environmental factors (wind, temperature, etc.)


Our application courses put the student into the operational environment. You will learn skills to keep you alive, and allow you to move, communicate and ultimately get out of hostile territory. Many of these skills transfer from one class to the next, but even though you may have learned a skill in one particular class, being able to use it in a different context or environment only expands your knowledge and expertise. 


Land Navigation 

Map Reading and interpreting the Marginal information on a map

Properly interpreting Topographic Symbols

Understanding Common Colors used on a map

Interpreting Contour intervals

Use of a protractor to determine grid coordinates and plot a location

Converting Azimuths / Utilizing the declination diagram

Determining distance

Navigational Equipment and Methods

Parts of a compass

Shooting an azimuth

Determining a back azimuth

Establishing a pace count

Interpretation of Terrain features

Dead Reckoning

Terrain association

Route Planning for short or long-range orienteering

Intersection / Resection


Small Unit Tactics 

Principles of Patrolling

Duties, Responsibilities, and Actions within a Patrol

Use of Silent (Hand and Arm) Signals to Communicate

Utilizing the correct Movement Formations based on situation and terrain

Individual and Team Movement Techniques based on situation and terrain

Designation and Occupation of Rally Points

Crossing Danger Areas

Immediate Action Drills based on situation and terrain

Field Craft: Navigation of Terrain, Use of Cover, Concealment and Camouflage, Stalking, and Combat Tracking

Utilizing and understanding the Operations order (OPORD)

Radio Communications

Offensive Tactics


Physical Security (Asset Protection)

Protective systems

Protective Barriers

Physical Security Lighting

Electronic Security systems

Access Control

Security Forces

In-Transit Security


Urban Escape and Evasion 

Trigger Events


Rally Points 

Route Planning

Proper balance of speed and security

Pre Staging 

Mob Survival

Swarm Warfare

Setting up an intelligence network 


Urban Offensive Operations





Forms of Offensive Urban Maneuver


Urban Defensive Operations




Types of Urban defense

Area Defense

Mobile Defense


Urban Defense Considerations


Trauma Aid Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3) Care under fire

Immediate Life saving functions

Casualty Evaluation (Triage)

Massive Hemorrhage

Airway Management

Respiration / Breathing

Circulation / Bleeding

Treat for Shock

Further Care

Assess and treat head and spinal injuries

Assess and treat fractures

Assess and treat burns

Identify and treat Heat and Cold injuries

Prepare for evacuation


In addition to training opportunities, Full Spectrum Enterprises and Wyoming Tactical have access to full lines of equipment and supplies. We can consult with you to get you exactly the right gear for you, saving you the expense and headache of buying substandard, or unnecessary equipment. We believe that by training the skills as you accumulate your kit, you can make more informed decisions and buy right the first time.