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Empowerment Through Self Reliance




Founded in 2015 Wyoming Tactical had one goal: To bring real world defensive firearms training to Wyoming. WyoTac focuses on simplicity and real world training models to help you to protect yourself and your loved ones.  The belief that we are always the first ones on scene, Wyoming Tactical's core mission is Empowerment through Self Reliance. 

Wyoming Tactical has brought together knowledge and experience from all corners of modern training to develop solutions that work. We work with our partners in the industry to bring in all facets of personal protection training, including: Pistol, Carbine, Medical, Empty Hand and Edged Weapons, Small Unit Tactics, Tracking, Marksmanship and Long Range Precision Courses. 

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we provide a solid learning curriculum in a controlled environment. In addition to standard classes, we offer tailored courses, and private instruction to meet your specific needs. 

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