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Born in the Cowboy State

"Empowerment through Self  Reliance"


We live in a dangerous world, and we accept that. We accept that we are responsible for our own safety and the safety of our loved ones.  Wyoming Tactical was founded in 2015 with the singular mission to bring the best self defense training in the world to Wyoming. 

Until recently Wyoming had very little defensive training available. Wyoming Tactical sought to change all that. Owner and lead instructor Jason Crotteau has been involved in self defense training, both as a student and an instructor for more than a decade. Bringing home defensive programs and techniques that can be found no where else in Wyoming. 

One of our flagship program is the Intuitive Defensive Shooting program. Developed by Rob Pincus at Valhalla Training Center in Colorado, this premier program was expanded in 2003 to be taught to Naval Special Warfare, and allowed for instructor development. This program is now being taught to military, law enforcement, and civilians all around the world. Wyoming Tactical is the only Certified IDS Instructor in Wyoming. 

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