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Class Hosting


Training can be expensive, especially when you start considering time away from work, and travel costs. Good quality training can very quickly start costing thousands of dollars. So how do you bring the training to you? 

Classes don't happen without committed people.  We are always looking for new venues to hold classes. Wyoming Tactical was designed to come to the student. 

Wyoming Tactical is set up to travel. If you are interested in hosting a class send us an email, and we will work with you to make it happen in your area.

*Host tuition is waived for the class


Requirements for Hosting:

Help with Promoting the event. 

At least 6 students (not counting the host) in Wyoming

At least 8 students (not counting the host) if outside of Wyoming 

Availability of a safe range site, with adequate vehicle access

Negotiating range fees for the class (if any)

Host will help with set up of class, as well as arranging range booking, and helping WyoTac personnel with locating accommodations (if required)   

For Hosting opportunities contact

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