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Jason Crotteau 

Jason lives and works in Central Wyoming. He has been involved in self defense training, both as a student and instructor since 2005. Training in multiple disciplines, he brings a wide range of experience to the table. 

Driven by the belief that we have a responsibility to ourselves and our communities, he has dedicated his teaching to safety, and self reliance.

In 2019 Jason began partnering with manufacturers to offer package classes. They include firearms, accessories, ammo and the appropriate training. When the student goes home with the gear they trained on, they are better able to master the weapon system. 

Jason is a certified NRA, Combat Focus Shooting, and USCCA Instructor. He holds credits in Small Unit Tactics, Unarmed, and Knife Defense, Trauma Aid, as well as Combat Tracking and Escape and Evasion. He is the owner, and lead instructor for Wyoming Tactical. Founded in 2015 the goal of WyoTac has been to bring the most progressive, real world firearms training to Wyoming.

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