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EDC Belt Company Foundation Belt Review

In my quest to find the best, most comfortable EDC system, a sturdy belt is always a challenge. Finding a balance is always tricky, but EDC Belt Company gets a lot of things right with their Foundation Belt.

  • Photo Credit EDC Belt Company

It is unobtrusive. I have been wearing it for a month solid and not once has it bit me, or bunched up. While I know it's there, it is comfortable. I have used both leather and synthetic belts in the past, and it is always a trade off. Leather tends to be too stiff. By the end of the day I just want the belt off. Sitting is uncomfortable and the buckle is digging in. On the flip side, the synthetics that I have used were always super thick. If I need to throw on a set of tool bags or training with a battle belt, I always felt like I had a barrel around my waist.

The EDC Foundation is soft enough to be comfortable all day, but still gives me the support I need to keep my CCW gun in place without sag or rolling. I particularly like the buckle, as it is smooth. There are no sharp edges which tend to poke and otherwise be a pain.

Photo Credit EDC Belt Comapny

One drawback is that it does take some fiddling to undo the belt for bathroom purposes. And in a public restroom the really good Velcro sounds like you are trying to tear a hole in the universe. I carry appendix so I do have to remove the gun and holster to do this. I am always nervous about removal in public and every belt I have used previous had a buckle system that allowed me to keep the gun holstered and attached to my pants. So that is new to me.

Lastly I did notice that this belt is much better suited to IWB carry. I spent a full day with my M&P strong side in a L.A.G. holster configured for OWB carry and I did need to cinch the belt up a couple of time during the day to keep things from rolling. While stiff, I would say that it's not quite stiff enough for extended OWB carry with a full size.

Other than some minor things (which everything is a trade off right?) I have been pretty impressed by this belt, and I intend to use it until it wears out, or I find something better. All in all I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this belt to anyone. A good quality belt at a good price. Tough enough, and yet comfortable enough for everyday use.

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