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Lucid Optics Ballistic Summit at the NRA Whittington Center Sept. 26-30

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

My introduction to the NRA Whittington Center was quite an experience. I was invited to be apart of the first annual Ballistics Summit put together by Lucid Optics. It was a chance to get together with industry media, influencers, and other instructors. Lucid was showcasing existing products, introducing, and re-introducing new ones. They gave me the opportunity to pitch Wyoming Tactical's new All Purpose Rifle Course featuring the L7 1-6x LPVO as part of the weekends events.

Eve Flanigan driving hard during a multiple target engagement drill.

Before we get into the meat of the event, let me first say that the Whittington Center is an amazing place, and I only got to see a very small portion of it. Being there reminded me that despite the NRA kerfuffle, there are so many things that they get right. The Whittington Center is a huge testament to what the NRA does for the shooting sports. A 37 square mile facility, they cater to every shooting discipline available. I was impressed by the vast array of well maintained ranges and technology all designed to build better, safer shooters. The Whittington Center is definitely a place I will be going back to.

Beyond getting the opportunity to showcase Wyoming Tactical, and our new flagship course, we all got to play with some new optics, and re-familiarize ourselves with the rest of Lucid Optics lineup. I was particularly interested in the new pistol red dot sight new out for this year.

Litl MO, the new Red Dot pistol optic from Lucid Optics got run through the paces. At one point I saw steel being hit consistently at 125 yards from a 9mm handgun equipped with the Litl MO Gear-Report and had an especially good time with this innovative new optic.

Caleb Rushing of Gear Report going long with a Litl MO equipped Walther 9mm Photo Copyright 2019

Full disclosure, I have been resistant to adopting a Red Dot optic on my handgun. However, since seeing the performance of the Litl MO and the ease of transition, I will be taking one for a spin soon. I have a few questions that have yet to be answered, but look forward to getting my hands on one for an in depth study on just how well this optic will perform in a defensive pistol context. Two points that have really got me interested are the low profile and wide field of view that this optic provides, also there is very little learning curve to using it. With the Litl MO you still index your front sight. This puts the dot right on top of the target. I was able to achieve slightly faster target acquisition and better accuracy with very little time involved to learn how to use the optic versus the standard blade and notch sights that I am used to.

As is a Lucid Optics staple, we spent quite a bit of time on the long range rifles. This is where Lucid Optics has always shined for me.

The Lucid Optics L5 and MLX Riflescopes

Their dedication to quality at a fair price is what makes them my go to for optics. They also produce what I need without all the frills. They listen, and they also teach. One of the biggest takeaways from the Ballistic Summit was the cultural aspect of the whole thing. To quote Jason Wilson, CEO of Lucid Optics, "The Ballistic Summit was a media event, designed to generate content, and introduce people to our culture."

The Lucid Optic's culture is a family culture, and in a lot of ways, a better culture: Inclusive, educational, and above all, encouraging. I had the chance to be the spotter for a first time shooter. On his very first trigger press he hit the White Buffalo at a distance of 1125 yards. Pretty impressive for the very first shot, in relatively high winds. He was behind the MLX. This is Lucid Optics first focal plane MIL / MIL scope, and my personal favorite. ( You can read my full review here )

Most everyone at the event, myself included, used the L5. This is in my mind, the Flagship of Lucid Optic's line. This is a second focal plane MOA scope that makes long shots a breeze. Once you have a good 100 yard zero and the right DOPE for your load, the only limitation is the ballistics of your round. With the right rifle and ammunition shooting to 2000 yards and beyond is now within reach without mortgaging your house. The best part: you don't have to dial. That's right! 2000 yard shots with a 100 yard zero without touching a turret. You can do it, and Lucid Optics can show you how.

Jason Wilson coaching Jeff Cress of Gear Report on the finer points of precision long range shooting using the L5 Riflescope

Circling back to the close in work, Lucid Optics has also re-introduced the M7 Red Dot optic and it will be available soon. I have the original version, and it has always been a stout little optic. So well built that it lives on top of my 12 ga. shotgun. The new version has a wider field of view, is slightly lighter, and the reticle is sharper. Shooting the M7 on top of a PCC was intuitive, truly a match made in ballistic heaven. Place dot on target, and squeeze. Clang every time. Even on shots beyond 100 yards were made easy and fast.

The new M7 mounted on top of a PCC Photo Copyright 2019

The M7 comes to you in a pelican style hard case with a medium height mount and uses a CR2032 battery (not included) A hallmark of Lucid Optics is using common source batteries in anything that requires them. This means in a pinch you can find the right battery anywhere for low cost. This is a huge benefit considering many of us shoot in more remote locations where a gas station may be your only source of resupply.

Finally, my chance to showcase the All Purpose Rifle Course. I developed this course with Jason Wilson to push the full potential of the AR-15 platform equipped with a Low Power Variable Optic. In this case the Lucid Optics L7. With the premium package, students get a custom AR-15, a Lucid Optics L7 and mount, plus 1000 rounds of 5.56 to use for their 2 day class. The class itself takes the student through the full capability of the AR-15 using it from bad breath distance clear out to 600+ yards. All without making any changes to the gun. Specific to the L7 optic, there are built in hacks that allow you to make rapid shots at various distances without any guesswork. This is a huge advantage in the field. Students are taken through the fundamentals and then challenged to apply those fundamentals through simulations that mimic real world situations. By the end of the class students go home with a rifle and optic that they understand how to use no matter what the circumstances, and know without a doubt they can count on their equipment.

John "Tig" Tiegen running a skill development drill with the L7 LPVO

Overall I felt like the first annual Ballistic Summit was a great success. It was a reminder of how solid our community is. Everyone who attended had a great time. New friends were made, and existing relationships were made stronger. Everyone got to try out some fantastic gear, and hang out at a world class facility. Thank you to Jason Wilson and Lucid Optics for making this happen. I can't wait until next year!

Great people coming together to make the future easier to see through glass. Lucid Optics Ballistic Summit at the NRA Whittington Center September 28th 2019

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