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This 2 day course takes students through the use of a carbine and handgun combination for self defense.

Primary / Secondary Defensive Application

  • Fundamentals

    Proper Sight In


    Positional Shooting


    Transitions, Right to Left, and also Rifle to Handgun

    Understanding the Difference between Skills in Isolation and Application of Skills in Context

    Balance of Speed and Precision


  • Eye and Ear Protection

    Serviceable Rifle with a sling


    Sturdy Belt

    Quality Holster

    At least 3 magazines for both Rifle and Pistol

    Notebook / Pen

    Range and Weather Appropriate Clothing


    Approx 500 Rounds of Rifle Ammunition

    Approx 200 Rounds of Handgun Ammuniton

    *NOTE This course can be run with a Pistol Caliber Carbine

    *NOTE These are minimum ammuntion estimates, you may shoot more or less depending on the class size and make up.


    Optional Items:

    Knee Pads

    Camp Chair



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