This class is for those that understand basic mechanics and want to take their long range shooting to the next level. This class is an intense 5 day course that will have the student shooting their precision rifle to distances of 1000 yards and beyond, while learning the skills to consistently get first round hits on target

We will cover:

Rifle and Optic functionality and calibration

Developing D.O.P.E. for your Rifle

Understanding and reading Environmentals and how they affect bullet flight path 

Reading Trace and calling follow up shots 

Shooter / Spotter Communications

Ranging Targets using your Scope Reticle

Firing Positions / Observation 

Target Indicators / Target Location 

Moving Targets 

And Much More...


This course is designed around building the shooter, and is not weapon system dependant. Whether you are shooting a bolt, or gas gun and irregardless of caliber, this course will have you shooting confidently to you, and your rifle's maximum potential.


Round Count for this class is approx 400-600 Rounds* 

We recommend match grade ammunition that is tested in your rifle. (you will be shooting at targets as small as 1/4 Minute of Angle)

Students will recieve a detailed list of equipment and options upon sign up. 


Long Range Precision Rifle 5 Day 9/15/21 - 9/19/21 Crowheart, WY